Serve the City

Responsible: Erika Hoffmann


STC Berlin e. V. mobilizes volunteers to show an act of kindness in a practical way. In practical terms, we do this by painting walls, serving food, visiting people, playing games, making music, organizing sports festivals, through art and creativity, collecting garbage and much more. We serve children, youth and adults, older people, people with disabilities, homeless people and other people who are on the margins of society or in need of help.


Jean Kabuiku

Volunteering with STC Berlin was an incredibly rewarding experience. I was able to make a tangible impact in people's lives through simple acts of kindness, such as serving food or playing games.

Tom Wilson

The team at STC Berlin is dedicated and passionate, and made me feel supported throughout my time there. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone looking to make a difference in their community.

Emma Smith

I was blown away by the level of organization and dedication of the team at STC Berlin. From the moment I joined, I felt like I was making a real difference in the lives of those we were serving.